Laundry Service

Laundry Account Set Up:

UI Laundry Service charges $1.75 to wash/sanitize your lab coat.  If your lab group would like to utilize this service, please:

  1. Create an Inter-Departmental Requisition:  Document3 (  Be sure to have a lab mate sign as end user and the PI sign as departmental approver which is located in the lower, left hand corner. 
  2. Email the signed requisition to:, UI Laundry Service.  Melanie will provide you with an assigned lab group number.  
  3. Mark the collar of each lab coat in permanent ink with the:
    1. group's assigned number,
    2. group's name, and
    3. lab coat owner's name, if applicable. 

Laundry Drop Off:

  1. Drop off your laundry bag to Chemistry Stores on the 3rd Tuesday of the month by 2:00 p.m. For your 1st laundry service, please place lab coats in a garbage bag.  UI Laundry Service will provide each group a laundry bag labeled with their assigned number after the initial service. 
  1. Fill out a laundry ticket located on the Chemistry Stores front counter.  A sample is on the counter for reference. 
  1. Place the top white copy of the ticket in the laundry bag.  Leave the yellow ticket for Chemistry Stores on top of the laundry bag, and keep the pink ticket for your records.
  1. Place your laundry bag with the yellow ticket on the counter.
  1. Cleaned lab coats will be returned to Chemistry Stores the following Wednesday and lab groups will be notified via email to pick up.
  1. Laundry Service will bill your MFK monthly for the charges incurred.