Chemistry Computer Facility Policies

Usage must conform to the University of Iowa Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.

In addition:

  • Only persons authorized by the Department of Chemistry may use the Facility.
  • The door to the Facility is not to be left open.
  • Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the Facility.
  • Equipment and furniture may not be removed from the Facility.
  • No unauthorized alterations of the hardware and software configurations are allowed.
  • Any violation of these policies will result in immediate suspension of all access privileges.

Additional policies and instructions

  • Students enrolled in Chemistry Department courses necessitating use of the Facility have top priority. General usage for chemistry education has priority.
  • The Facility may be reserved by Chemistry Department courses and will not be available for regular use during these times (notices will be posted on the door).
  • Log into an individual workstation to use it. A login dialog box is presented when the machine is powered on.
  • Your work can only be saved to a USB drive, designated areas of the hard disk, or to a file server. Work saved to the computer's hard drive is not secure and may be purged at any time without notice. Save your work to a USB drive or a file server for maximum security.
  • Do not use the printers as copiers or for personal use.
  • Do not interrupt calculations running unattended.
  • Manuals and 3-D glasses (for Spartan) are available to be checked out in the Chemistry Center.
  • Your access to some software and printers may be restricted.
  • Avoid excessive movement of all hardware, as the security system may be activated.

These are your facilities. Please help take care of them!