Student services include:

  • Maintaining add, drop, and change of sections/hours forms
  • Returning exams, labs, and homework
  • Scheduling exams with Student Disability Services
  • Scheduling Make-up Exams — Make-up Exam Request Form
  • Scheduling alternative lab times — Make-up Lab Request Form.
  • Scheduling and maintaining Faculty and Teaching Assistant Office Hours
  • Arranging accommodations for those students with disabilities or other academic accommodations
  • Managing the department’s digital signage and social media sites

TA services include:

  • Checking out textbooks
  • Receiving teaching materials, ie markers, whiteboards, slide advancers, laster pointers, etc.
  • Scheduling office hours, extended office hours, and review sessions
  • Scheduling conference rooms for group tutoring

Faculty services include:

  • Copying materials for courses
  • Ordering desk copies of textbooks
  • Requesting final exam times
  • Scheduling conference rooms or departmental classrooms for office hours, examinations, and grading